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How to Profit from Recycling

How to Profit from Recycling

Whether for personal gain or business gains, there are profits to be made from recycling. You can just make some extra pocket money or put in more effort and earn quite a considerable sum. Simply find out where your nearest recycling centers are where you can sell your items. All sorts of reusable products can be recycled including metal, plastic, paper, glass and even old cell phones and computers, as well as car batteries.

Recycle as a company

If you have a company, instead of paying a waste hauler to come and take away your cardboard and paper waste, for example, why not bale it up and sell it to a recycling center? You’ll be saving the money you would have paid the waste hauler and you will earn some money on your waste items.

If you are going to recycle as a company, it’s best to invest in a baling machine, which bales the items into the correct sized bundles for the centers to handle. The baler is a one-off cost and will last for many years. To make more profit you could offer bathing services to other companies nearby.

Recycle as an individual

As an individual, find where your nearest center is and when you have enough paper, for example, sell it to the center. You can start small with soda cans and other household and office items. There are centers which pay by weight for your cans and bottles. You may be surprised at what extra money you can make each month.

You can also earn money from recycling other people’s waste. You could offer to put special boxes in an office or business, for drinks containers. Then you will have an ongoing supply of waste products to take to your center.

You may be someone who likes to keep up-to-date and change your cell phone or computer for the latest model. Don’t just throw your old machines away. You can find online and off-line businesses who will buy them from you. You can sell a computer to a company that refurbishes them or you can break up the various components to resell. There are companies who pay for used printer cartridges too.

Perhaps you would like to specialize in scrap metal. You usually get paid by weight for this too. You can often find scrap metal quite easily. Or you could go to a construction or industrial site and take away the metals that they want to be rid of. Copper is a metal that you find in old wiring or in offcuts, for instance. Another example of a metal resource would be a car repair workshop.

When you think about how much metal you see lying around and how many drinks containers are used by each household and business, as well as paper, such as newspapers and publicity mail, it’s easy to see how you could profit from recycling either in a small or much bigger way, while you help to take care of our planet.

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